LexisNexis for Make-a-Wish


117% reached of total of €600

RELX Cares September: Support Make-A-Wish and Grant Dreams!

In the honor of RELX Cares September, LexisNexis Amsterdam Cares team is joining hands with Make-A-Wish to fulfill the dreams of children battling life-threatening illnesses.

Research shows that realizing a dearest wish gives children and their environment positivity and resilience, so that they can better deal with negative experiences (source: Make-A-Wish). This is why we're reaching out to our colleagues, friends, and family, inviting them to contribute and help turn life-changing dreams into reality for these children.

🌟 Donate

Our goal is to raise at least 500€, ensuring that a child has the chance to experience the magic of a fulfilled dream. Your every contribution goes straight to work, catalyzing the potential for transformative change in these young lives.

Thank you for your contribution, together we're making dreams come true!

Minke & Clotilde